About Cassandra

Cassandra was elected to the board of Directors of Lake Washington School District in 2017 and served through the end of 2021. She holds a degree in Early Childhood Education, a certificate in Montessori studies and is a certified P.R.I.S.M (Promoting Resilience in Stress Management) coach at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Additionally, she is a Family Centered Care Specialist for SCH and has served on their Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit Advisory Board, their Pain Medicine Board and their Serious Event Review Team. Her work at Children’s involves strengthening the partnership between medical providers, patients, and families to achieve best possible outcomes for kids.

Cassandra serves on the Eastside Human Services Forum board to build stable and equitable services for residents of East King County. She is also a member of Eastside Pathways, a “community-wide partnership on the Eastside that works collectively to attain better outcomes for children from cradle to career”.


  • Elected director of Lake Washington School District, district 3, 2017-2021
  • Eastside Human Services Board of Directors, since 2018
  • Eastside Pathways collective impact collaboration – since 2019
  • Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) mentor 2018-2019
  • 26-Year PTSA and Parent Volunteer, LWSD
  • 19+ Year Family Advisor, Seattle Children’s Hospital
  • 15 Year Cub Scout Den Leader
  • 5 Year Director and Teacher of Montessori Preschool
  • 3 Year Teacher of Montessori Kindergarten (all subjects)
  • 3 Year Teacher Multi-age Montessori 1st-3rd Grade (Social Studies/Pro-Diversity Curriculum)

Boards and Community Service

  • Robert Frost Elementary School PTSA Board
  • Kamiakin Middle School PTSA Executive Board
  • Juanita High School PTSA Executive Board
  • Juanita High School Booster Club Executive Board
  • Seattle Children’s Hospital Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit Parent Advisory Board
  • Seattle Children’s Hospital Pain Medicine Advisory Board
  • Kingsgate Royals Swim Club Secretary
  • Kingsgate Highlands I and II Homeowners Association Secretary
  • PTA Staff Appreciation: Frost, Kamiakin and Juanita High
  • PTA Secretary: Robert Frost, Kamiakin, Juanita High
  • PTA Reflections Art Program
  • PTA Art Docent: Rose Hill Elementary and Frost Elementary
  • Juanita High Booster Club Secretary
  • PTA School liaison: Frost, Kamiakin, Juanita High and Juanita Booster Club
  • Continuous Performance Improvement Projects, Seattle Children’s Hospital:
  • Family Centered Care Presenter
  • Anesthesia Resident and New Nurse Orientation Presenter
  • Serious Event Review Team Member
  • Emergency Room Design, Building Hope
  • Giraffe Wing Design Team Member


  • Degree in Early Childhood Education
  • Certificate in Montessori Studies
  • P.R.I.S.M. certified (Promoting Resilience in Stress Management)


  • PTSA Golden Acorn Award, Kamiakin Junior High, 2004
  • PTSA Golden Acorn Award, Juanita High, 2007
  • Juanita High Outstanding Citizen Award, 2008
  • PTSA Golden Acorn Award, Robert Frost Elementary, 2009
  • Kamiakin Cougar Award, 2012
  • Heart of Kamiakin Award, 2014
  • PTSA Golden Acorn Award, Juanita High, 2015
  • Washington State PTA Honorary Life Membership to Kamiakin Middle School PTSA, June, 2017
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