Cassandra Sage

Lake Washington School District Director, District 3

Cassandra SageCassandra Sage has been active in the Lake Washington School District for more than 22 years as an involved parent and PTA board member.  She has four sons, two with special needs, and would like to ensure all our children receive a high-quality education. She’s grateful to have been elected as a director of Lake Washington School District in 2017.

“All kids deserve equitable access to high quality K-12 education.”

Cassandra feels the Lake Washington School District is doing a good job staying on top of technology in education, but would like to see more inclusion of special education students, more vocational education opportunities, and more assistance with college preparation for those going on to university studies.

She is proud of Lake Washington School District’s teachers, paraprofessionals, support staff and administrators.

“Teaching children and raising children are demanding jobs. The Home/School partnership should be highly sought after and valued, as it improves student outcomes.”

Cassandra spent 15 years as a Cub Scout leader, has been a family advisor for Seattle Children’s Hospital for nearly 16 years, currently serves as a homeowner association board member, and is very involved with the community.  She has been a member of the Parent Teacher Association in the capacity of Art Docent, Secretary, Staff Appreciation Chair, and Special Needs Liaison. She has received four Golden Acorn Awards from her local PTA in recognition of her dedication and service to children and youth.

Cassandra holds a degree in early childhood education. She owned and operated an independent Montessori preschool for five years.

You can email Cassandra at, or call her at 425-426-3140.

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