Re-elect Cassandra Sage

Lake Washington School District Director, District 3

As our students return to school buildings and  our community becomes vaccinated, we are all asking “how will students rebound from the remote learning experience?” While each of us has a personal toolkit to utilize in tough times, we know the tools vary.

“All kids deserve equitable access to high quality K-12 education.”

LWSD Strategic plan bullet points
LWSD Strategic Goals

Some toolkits contain highly sophisticated instruments while others may be second hand. Some may need to borrow the tools they lack. And yet others will give excess tools away to those in need. A constant is the fact that each family/student situation is unique, just like each student is individually unique. Student needs must be assessed and addressed in individualized ways. Flexibility in the learning model has never been more important. Districts can offer students more meaningful instruction in ways that work for kids by utilizing Multi Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) which include Social Emotional Learning (SEL), a growth mindset, project-based learning, internships and increased pathways to graduation.

STEM night at John Muir Elementary

The LWSD Strategic Plan  incorporates such supports and it has never been more vital to employ these strategies to the fullest extent possible.

LWSD has equity and opportunity gaps. They existed before the pandemic and continue as documented throughout remote learning (see February 8th  2021 study session on SEL and academics in  Board Docs ). Demographic break outs show gaps by race, income, ability and language to name a few.    No one should be able to look at a demographic group and predict the outcome for a student in that group.  

All students are capable. All students deserve to be challenged academically and receive the support they need to succeed. To meet the strategic goals for LWSD as well as its mission and vision, every student must receive these supports to lead a rewarding,  responsible life as a contributing member of our community.

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