Endorsed by Parents, Teachers, and Students!

The following have endorsed Cassandra Sage for re-election as Director for Lake Washington School District, District 3. If you would like to also endorse Cassandra, please click here. To see who endorsed Cassandra in 2017, please click here.

Community Organizations


Family Alliance of Black Student Excellence, Lake Washington


Lake Washington Coalition 4 KIDS


Affiliations are noted for identification purposes only and do not imply endorsement by the entities named.


Angela Birney, Mayor of Redmond

“Cassandra’s strong ties to community give her the insight a leader needs to successfully advocate for all students.” – Angela Birney, Redmond Mayor


Nancy Bernard, former LWSD board member

“I heartily endorse Cassandra Sage for a second term on the LWSD board of directors. She has done a terrific job during this most difficult time. She brings intelligence and empathy to this very important work. Cassandra in insightful and thoughtful. Her expertise is needed on the board!” – Nancy Bernard, former LWSD board member

Jason Chinchilla, KirklandJason Chinchilla

“Cassandra’s work with the Spanish-speaking community highlights her commitment to providing equitable education for all. I am proud to call her a friend and ally for Hispanics in LWSD.” – Jason Chinchilla, Kirkland

Liliana Medina, President and co-founder of Sistema Escolar USA, Redmond

“Special needs and immigrant families have a great advocate in LWSD. Thank you Cassandra Sage, for your hard work and advocacy for minority groups. Las familias con necesidades especiales e inmigrantes tienen una gran defensora en LWSD. Gracias, Cassandra Sage, por su arduo trabajo y defensa de los grupos minoritarios.” – Liliana Medina, Director and Co-founder Sistema Escolar U.S.A., Redmond

Karen Moran, Mayor of Sammamish                                     

“Cassandra centers students and their unique needs in support of socio-emotional and academic recovery/advancement.” – Karen Moran, Mayor of Sammamish


Toby Nixon, Kirkland City Council, former State Representative 45th District

“I have known Cassandra for many years as a mom and community activist. She’s been a strong voice for parents and kids on the LWSD board, and deserves re-election!” – Toby Nixon, Kirkland City Council

Charlie Pangborn, Special Education Teacher and LWSD alumnus, Culver City CA

“Cassandra advocates for ALL of the students in LWSD, advancing sensible reforms to improve access for special education students, bolstering district partnerships, and maintaining a student-first mentality.” – Charlie Pangborn, Alumnus of Redmond High School, Special Education Teacher

Jon Pascal, Kirkland City CouncilJon Pascal

“Cassandra has been a tireless advocate for our school community, working to advance the needs of all students during this unprecedented year. She is responsive to concerns raised by parents, teachers, and students and is passionate about finding practical and equitable solutions to provide every student the best chance to succeed. Her strong relationships with other local leaders has helped to address important issues such as safe routes to school and expanding school capacity in our growing region. I am proud to endorse Cassandra for another term on the School Board.” – Jon Pascal, Kirkland City Council

Kristin Pascal, KirklandKristin Pascal

“Cassandra is a tireless advocate for students and families across our district. She seeks out information to ensure she is informed, takes time to listen, and considers issues from all sides. I know that any decision that Cassandra makes has been thoroughly researched, thoughtfully considered, and is made with the best interests of our students at heart.” – Kristin Pascal, Kirkland

Tanika Padhye, Redmond City Council President


Jackie Pendergrass, former Lake Washington School District board member

“Cassandra works hard for our students, families and staff. I can’t imagine anyone else doing this job as well as she does.” – Jackie Pendergrass, former LWSD Board Member


Penny Sweet, Mayor of Kirkland

“In my 40 years of service in Kirkland, I have never met anyone with the passion, compassion, and vision for our children and schools than Cassandra Sage. She is a clear choice for leadership on Lake Washington School Board.” – Penny Sweet, Mayor of Kirkland

 Ramiro Valderrama, former Deputy Mayor of Sammamish

“Cassandra’s advocacy was instrumental in guiding LWSD to safely and successfully reopen schools for in-person instruction, 4 days a week, for all students.  We need her continued experience and leadership for the youth of our community to recover from the pandemic and advance.” – Ramiro Valderrama, former Deputy Mayor, Sammamish

Amy Walen, State Representative 48th District, former Mayor of Kirkland

“Cassandra’s steady, calm leadership throughout the Covid-19 pandemic has helped LWSD re-open schools with safety mitigation in place and student well being and learning at the forefront.”  – Amy Walen, State Representative 48th District

Siri Bliesner, Lake Washington School District Director, District 5



David Carson, Redmond City Council



Christy Malchow, Sammamish City Council

Joan McBride, former State Representative 48th District, former Mayor of Kirkland

Amy Cast, Northshore School Board, Washington State School Directors Association Resolutions Committee

Christine Chew, Bellevue School Board, Washington State School Directors Association Director Area 2

Kobey Chew, former Kirkland Park Board member, Kirkland

“Cassandra has worked to strengthen the relationships and programs developed between LWSD and local governments. I can personally attest to the opportunities and services Cassandra has helped to maintain, adapt, and improve for youth in LWSD. She has my enthusiastic endorsement!” – Kobey Chew, Kirkland 

Kelly Clark, Kirkland

“I have been a neighbor and friend of Cassandra for many years and I can attest to her passion for working hard and helping children.” – Kelly Clark, Kirkland

Allison Clevenger, Kirkland

“Cassandra has been and continues to be the best person for this job. Our community and school families are fortunate to have her.” – Allison Clevenger, Kirkland

Sants and Sue Contreras, Kirkland

Kelli Curtis, Kirkland City Council

Martha DeAmicis, Redmond

“Cassandra Sage is a leader of great character who will represent the needs of all children. She listens, she cares, she learns, she advocates, she collaborates, she leads. Cassandra does this with professionalism, perseverance, and strong ethics. I have utmost faith in her on our School Board.” – Martha DeAmicis, Redmond

Diane Devlyne-Thompson, Kirkland

Christine Enslein, Redmond

“I have worked with Cassandra on the Eastside Pathways Spanish Language Video Newsletter project for the past year and have found her to be a thoughtful contributor dedicated to equity for all families in LWSD. She follows through on commitments and is clearly not afraid of hard work or tackling difficult and complex issues.” – Christine Enslein, Redmond

Jeffrey Erickson, Kirkland

“Sage 4 Success of ALL STUDENTS!” – Jeffrey Erickson, Kirkland

Amy Falcone, Kirkland City Council

Li Gao, Redmond

Cathy Habib, Kirkland

Hong Hong, Sammamish

Karen Knerr, Kirkland

“Cassandra stands 110% for the student. She advocates for both the academic and the social aspects of growing up. An asset in our communities and for our schools.” – Karen Knerr, Kirkland

Walt and Kathy Krueger, Kirkland

“We have one of the best school districts in the state. Cassandra has helped increase its quality.” – Walt and Kathy Krueger, Kirkland

Stephanie Lecovin, LWSD Parent Volunteer, Kirkland

“Cassandra takes the time to listen to concerns and has been extremely supportive of efforts to improve environmental sustainability across the district.” – Stephanie Lecovin, LWSD Parent Volunteer, Kirkland

Wei Li, Sammamish

“Ms. Cassandra Sage really cares for the success of all students! Vote for her” – Wei Li, Sammamish

Jing Liu, Sammamish

Yue Luo, Redmond

Marnie Maraldo, Issaquah School Board, Washington State School Directors Association Board, National School Board Association

Malia McCabe, Kirkland

“I’m privileged to have known Cassandra since high school and can speak to her consistency as a truly kind and compassionate person. Her resume speaks volumes, of her amazing dedication for children everywhere. We are lucky to have Cassandra working for us!” – Malia McCabe, Kirkland

Kari McGoorty, Retired LWSD Teacher, Kirkland

“Cassandra Sage meets the needs of ALL children from ALL backgrounds. Sage strives for ACTION not just words.” – Kari McGoorty, Retired LWSD Teacher, Kirkland

Margaret Meister, Kirkland

Jason Moore, Lake Washington PTSA, Redmond Emergency Preparedness Chair

Karen Moran, Mayor of Sammamish

Donna O’Neill, Kirkland

“Cassandra is one of the most genuine and caring people I know. I trust her to make great decisions for our children and their education.” – Donna O’Neill, Kirkland

Lining Qi, Sammamish

Yingju Ren, Sammamish

“Cassandra devoted to maintain and build an inclusive and high quality educational environment at the school disctrict.  She has listening ears to different opinions.  She cares about student’s current benefits, their potential development and their future.” – Yingju Ren, Sammamish

Nora Ryan, Kirkland

“Cassandra represents all LWSD students. She doesn’t back down and stands up for what is right.” – Nora Ryan, Kirkland

Mevel Santiago, Kirkland

“Cassandra understands the needs of those with special ed children. As the parent of a child with Downs, I am proud to have Ms. Sage advocating for my family on the LWSD board.” – Mevel Santiago, Kirkland

Gabby Sun, Kirkland

Karyn Taggart, LWSD Staff, Kirkland

“Cassandra is passionate about supporting all students and their families!” – Karyn Taggart, Kirkland

Tracey Tymczyszyn, Kirkland Library Board member, Kirkland

“Ms. Sage has a true commitment to service. She has been a tremendous advocate for families, helping us navigate a complex system. She is committed to excellence and a voice for the community.” – Tracey Tymczyszyn, Kirkland

Brian Giannini Upton, Mercer Island School Board, Washington State School Directors Association Legislative Committee

Susan Vossler, Kirkland

“Supports our kids in a holistic way. It’s not only about education…..our kids’ physical and mental health need to be addressed through a large lens. Cassandra gets that.” – Susan Vossler, Kirkland

Jie Wang, Sammamish

Pam Warnick, Kirkland

“Cassandra works hard to understand all sides of the issues that the board faces and is always even-handed and knowledgeable in her handling of the complex issues that face our district.” – Pam Warnick, Kirkland

Amy Williams, Kirkland

“Cassandra has demonstrated her passion for putting both student well being and learning first. She is passionate about her community and has volunteered in wholeheartedly in Lake Washington Schools, Boys Scouts, on her neighborhood board and as an advocate for students with special needs. Cassandra is a true champion for LWSD families!” – Amy Williams, Kirkland

Zhisong Wang, Sammamish

ChanFei Wu, Kirkland

Shangguang Wu, Kirkland

Chaoan Yu, Sammamish

Bob Yoder, Redmond Neighborhood Blog

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