2017 Endorsements

The following endorsed Cassandra Sage in her 2017 election to Director for Lake Washington School District, District 3. Endorsement in previous elections does not imply endorsement in the current election.

Affiliations are noted for identification purposes only and do not imply endorsement by the entities named.

  • William Backlund, Redmond, former State Representative 45th District
  • Jennifer Bendix, Bothell, LWSD high school special education teacher
  • Matthew Bernard, Kirkland
  • Nancy Bernard, LWSD School Board Member, District 3
  • Nate Blanchard, Kirkland, former LWSD student
  • Eric Blankenburg, Redmond
  • Tamsyn Carter, Kirkland, Past PTSA President and Treasurer
  • Michael Cederblom, Kirkland
  • Jason Chinchilla, Kirkland Park Board
  • Robert Condie, Kirkland

  • Santos Contreras, former Deputy Mayor, Kirkland; member of LWSD Citizens Levy and Bond Committee
  • Sue Contreras, Kirkland Park Board
  • Isaiah Cooper, Seattle
  • Emily Detmon, Woodinville
  • Lucy DeYoung, former Mayor and Councilmember, Woodinville
  • Andrea Duffield, Kirkland, CEO of MOSAIC Children’s Therapy Clinics
  • Doug Eglington, former LWSD School Board member
  • Ryan Fox, DDS, Seattle King County Dental Society Executive Council
  • Colleen Goodwin, Kirkland
  • Scott Jewett, Woodinville
  • David Johnson, Kirkland

  • Neil Kells, Kirkland, LWSD teacher and coach
  • Colette Keogh, Kirkland
  • Karen Knerr, Kirkland, LWSD elementary school teacher and special needs mom
  • Diana Lafornara, Kirkland, LWSD parent
  • Kathy Lambert, King County Council
  • Amy Lofquist, Kirkland
  • Christie Malchow, Sammamish City Council
  • Joan McBride, 48th District State Representative and former Mayor of Kirkland
  • Kari McGoorty, Kirkland, retired LWSD teacher
  • Lisa Muong, Kirkland
  • Irene Nixon, Kirkland
  • Toby Nixon, Kirkland City Council
  • Elizabeth Pakkala, Kenmore
  • Johanna Palmer, former LWSD School Board Member
  • Jon Pascal, Kirkland City Council
  • Kristin Pascal, Kirkland
  • Jennifer Patterson, Kirkland
  • Teresa Pellett, Kirkland, LWSD Teacher
  • Jackie Pendergrass, former LWSD Schhol Board Member, District 1
  • Tom Pendergrass, former member of Kirkland Transportation Commission
  • Glenn Peterson, Kirkland Planning Commission
  • Susan Prows, Kirkland
  • Michelle Rocamora, Kirkland
  • Nora Ryan, Kirkland, LWSD Speech Therapist
  • Laura Sage, Special Education Director, Centerville UT

  • Mevel Santiago, Kirkland
  • Kerri Schroeder, Kirkland
  • Byron Shutz, Redmond City Council
  • Beth Sigall, Redmond, PTA leader and education advocate
  • Amy Singley, Kirkland
  • Christi Stirrat, Kirkland
  • Marlit Stubb, Kirkland
  • Penny Sweet, Kirkland City Council
  • Ramiro Valderrama, Sammamish City Council
  • Sherie Valderrama, Sammamish
  • Amy Walen, Mayor of Kirkland
  • Tom Waller, Camano Island
  • Pam Warnick, Kirkland
  • Tammy Wright, Kirkland
  • Bob Yoder, Redmond Neighborhood Blog

“It’s wonderful that Cassandra desires to serve our students, staff, and community. Her broad experience and background have prepared her to become a valuable member of the Lake Washington School Board.” — Nancy Bernard

“Having spent 20 years on the LW School Board, it’s important to me to have a new Board member understand education and the school district. Cassandra has this understanding and experience. She will be a strong voice for our students and families.” — Jackie Pendergrass

“I have known and worked with Cassandra in the PTSA and Boy Scouts for nearly 20 years. She is a dedicated volunteer, and I know she will be an excellent school board member. I would be proud to have her represent me.” — Johanna Palmer

“Having spent nearly 25 years as a Lake Washington School District Director, I am happy to endorse Cassandra Sage.” — Doug Eglington

“Cassandra is a talented, caring, and intelligent person who cares deeply about others and will serve well to build strong students who will contribute to our community.” — Kathy Lambert

“I have known Cassandra for many years as a mom and community activist. I know she’ll be a strong voice for parents and kids on the LWSD board!” — Toby Nixon

“I enthusiastically endorse Cassandra! She has been a long time community activist who cares about children and families of all backgrounds. Please join me in supporting Cassandra.” — Mevel Santiago

“Cassandra has been a constant and empowering person in our schools for years. No better person to move to the next level and continue her support of the education of our youth.” — Neil Kells

“Cassandra Sage is an extraordinary person who seeks to make a difference. Whether supporting teachers in the LWSD, leading a group of boys in Scouts, or volunteering at Children’s Hospital, watching this “go-getter” in action is inspiring. Our community is a better place because of her service.” — Kari McGoorty

“Cassandra understands the needs of all students, both general education and special education.” — Jennifer Bendix

“I know of no one as qualified to be on the school board as Cassandra. She has not only invested thousands of hours locally in scouts, community organizations and community services, but has worked in our schools as a paraeducator and teacher assistant, and worked first hand with the schools to properly address education of children with special needs and cognitively challenged. We would be fortunate to have someone of her caliber on the board.” — Ramiro Valderrama

“I appreciate the values and judgement Cassandra will bring to the School Board. She knows the issues inside and out and will be an invaluable asset going forward.” — Ryan Fox

“Cassandra is one of the most inspirational women in our community. Besides being an amazing mother, she actively volunteers in all of our local schools and community causes. She is hard working and trustworthy and has a heart of gold!” — Colleen Goodwin

“I’m proud to endorse Cassandra Sage for school board. Cassandra will bring the parent perpective and experience around issues of inclusion in special education to the board. As a dedicated school-based volunteer and PTA leader, Cassandra has first-hand knowledge about what’s happening in our classrooms every day, and how we can improve outcomes for all kids. I can’t think of a better choice for this position.” — Beth Sigall

“Cassandra’s personal and professional experiences will make her a strong member of the board. Her commitment to our community and schools is evident to anyone who meets her, and I strongly recommend her for this position.” — Andrea Duffield

“Cassandra will serve those in the LWSD well. She is passionate as a parent, volunteer, advocate, and will carry that passion forward for the school board too.” — Christie Malchow

“Cassandra has an open-minded ‘think outside the box’ approach that will serve all students well!” — Susan Prows

“Cassandra Sage represents and supports children across a broad spectrum. She understands Special Needs and high achieving issues. She exists with passion.” — Karen Knerr

“Cassandra is an exemplary woman and citizen. She is bright and has an attention to detail and eloquence that would help any organization shine.” — Tom Waller

“Cassandra has always been extremely supportive of students and staff for years. She dedicates her time to the school system and would do an excellent job representing students and parents alike.” — Michael Cederblom

“Cassandra Sage is a hardworking, dedicated champion for schools, teachers, and education. As a Kirkland resident whose children will be enrolled in Lake Washington school district in a couple years, I’d be proud to have Cassandra involved in our district.” — Lisa Muong

“Cassandra is a committed mental health advocate, so important for our schools and students!” — Bob Yoder

“Cassandra doesn’t just care about each child’s education, but as a complete person. She sees the kid in the student.” — Isaiah Cooper

“Dedicated, hard working, compassionate sums up Cassandra Sage!!” — Colette Keogh

“I’ve worked in education all of my life, and I’ve watched Cassandra work tirelessly as an involved mother. She’s been able to accomplish so much just as a mother, I’m excited to see what she does in an official capacity on the school board. She knows the system inside and out, and she brings the unique perspective of a mother who has had to fight for her children. Every parent should be excited to have her on their team.” — Laura Sage

“I’ve known Cassandra for 17 years and she has always been active volunteering at school and in the community.” — Tamsyn Carter

“Cassandra is considerate, compassionate, experienced, and displays the utmost tenacity for supporting our students! After 20 years of volunteering her time to benefit students, she has every quality you could ever want in the best LWSD Board Director.” — Nate Blanchard

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