Be(e) Involved!

There are many ways to be involved in your child’s education. You don’t have to attend Walk to School Week with Ped(estrian) Bee to support your child and his/her teacher.

If you have flex time, consider chaperoning a field trip. For elementary students, you might want to volunteer to read with kids or practice math facts in class. Your child’s school may have a “Watch Dogs” program ( or an Art Docent curriculum you can help with.

For working parents, the PTA Staff Appreciation Committee is always looking for families to send in home-baked goodies or items to treat the staff with. Check your school’s website or email your PTA president to learn about opportunities to be involved that work with your schedule.

If none of them suit your situation, remember that grandparents and other family members can fill out the district volunteer application and lend a hand at school too:

Giving of your time and talents benefits your child as well as the other students in the classroom — to say nothing of how appreciative the teachers are! Win-win!

Never stop learning,


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