The Power of the Diploma

I enjoy graduation “season” because it brings a student’s accomplishments to the forefront and opens doors to their future. In most cases these kids have spent the past 13 years of their lives learning not just academics but also social interactions that will assist them throughout the rest of their lives. Regardless of a student’s “next steps,” having that diploma in hand helps them get there!

According to KingCounty.Gov:

“In the United States, higher educational attainment also correlates with lower rates of unemployment. 8% of workers over 25 years old with less than a high school diploma were unemployed in 2015, compared to 2.8% unemployment for workers holding bachelor’s degrees.”

In other words, students who do not finish high school are nearly three times as likely to be unemployed in King County in comparison to graduates who went on to collegiate, post-secondary learning.

Does this learning have to be at a four-year college in order to become employable? No! While college and university degrees are a great path for many students, it isn’t for everyone. Within the Lake Washington School District sits the Lake Washington Institute of Technology. LWIT does offer some 4 year programs, but they also offer certificates in everything from Aerospace/Manufacturing Gas Tungsten Arc Welding to Web Applications Development.

Congratulations to the high school graduates of 2017 and best wishes for wherever the next step takes you!

Never stop learning,


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